13 Foods to Avoid if you are Diabetic


Diabetes is a disease spreading invariably in all countries, and it is identified as one of the most prevalent and dreadful diseases. It is an epidemic which is dangerous and indeed life-threatening. Diabetologists in Pakistan reveal that the number of sufferers in Pakistan is shooting up because of having no proper knowledge about the ways and means to control blood sugar. What you are eating and the intake quantity is more important than any other factors.

What is the safest list of foods to avoid for diabetes? This is a reasonable question because by knowing the foods that one should keep off from eating is contributing to health by fighting diabetes. Here’s an overview of some common foods that people with diabetes should avoid eating.

White Rice

Consumption of this product will require your body to produce more insulin because it is already stripped of its essential nutrients. Brown rice is more advisable for you.

White Pasta

Pasta dishes usually have a high glycemic index; however, it is safer for you to eat them if the noodles are made from whole pasta or brown rice.

White Flour

It may appear clean; however, it will not be friendly to diabetics. This product contains alloxan, which is a type of chemical that can cause damage to your pancreas.

White Sugar

It is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and causes adverse effects on the blood sugar levels of the body. You will start experiencing hyperglycemia.

Fatty Foods

A person with diabetes is prone to developing heart diseases, which may eventually lead to stroke. Hence, your intake of saturated fat and trans-fat should not be more than 7% of calories.


As much as possible, you should avoid drinking and eating stuff that has caffeine content. Limit your consumption of coffee and tea, if you cannot avoid them.


You should stay away from anything alcoholic. Alcoholic drinks can cause serious health conditions to people who have diabetes. High blood pressure, nerve damage, and eye problems may be developed

Sweets and candy

It’s not surprising as to why sweets are on the list, but not many are aware that sugary foods happen to contain high amounts of fats and sugar which are not helpful if you are trying to control your blood glucose levels.

Salty Foods

Salt causes blood pressure to rise, and as mentioned earlier, a person with diabetes has a higher risk of developing heart and even kidney disease.

Sugary fruits

Avoid intake of fruits with heavy natural sugar, bananas, oranges, grapes are a few.

Refined Foods

Refined and processed foods are notorious foods in that they add to extra calories and not good for the digestive system. A fiber-rich food is ideal for the human digestive system.

Foods having high glycemic index

Foods with a high glycemic index, needless to say, raise the blood sugar rapidly and it is highly recommended for diabetic patients to avoid.

Fried Items

Fried items are, in general, not preferred by the calorie conscious section of the society. In diabetics, the fried items rich in sodium, salt, saturated fats, etc. adversely affects the whole system.

Doctor home visit karachi advice that choosing a balanced meal helps keep your blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels under control. Additionally, it also helps in lowering the risk of health problems which are a result of diabetes. So, why not go for it and lead a healthy life forever!


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